NikeAir   Yavon M.J, formally known by her stage name I.S.I.S (I.SPIT.ILL.SHIT) is the first new breed of hard-edged female MCs to hit the hip-hop scene. Although sexuality was certainly part of her image, she made sure to differentiate herself from other artists, by being attractive to both male and female audiences, making sure the world knew her hardcore attitude and lyrical skills of the gods should never be doubted.

ISIS was born in the small city of Erie Pennsylvania on July 20th, 1993 at Saint Vincent’s hospital. Her mother, Telisa Jordan moved ISIS and her family to Charlotte North Carolina right before ISIS reached 6th grade. ISIS struggled in school, had numerous learning disabilities, was abnormally shy throughout her childhood struggling with depression and molestation. It wasn’t until she went off to college and was completely separated from her family, that she truly found herself and discovered her self-worth.   Throughout her whole life ISIS always had a problem respecting authority but she was always very respectful. ISIS always sought out advice from her mother and father and applied it in her daily life.

ISIS spent most of her college years reaching out to different industries but never had any luck, but that did not stop her. She kept on rapping paving her own way through a male dominated industry. The name ISIS was inspired by the Egyptian goddess herself. ISIS fell in love with her story and never looked back. As time went on ISIS got better at the art of rap, it was abundantly clear that she spit ill shit, and therefore the name was born, I.S.I.S (I.SPIT.ILL.SHIT).

Her inspiration for music comes from legends like “Ice Cube”,” Queen Latifah” “ Jimmy Hendrix” “Da Bratt”, “Foxxy Brown”, “Lil Kim”,”l” Mystikal ,”NWA”, “Timbaland and Missy Elliott “ and “Lil Wayne”. Her 90’s hip hop style was always challenged by big industries heads that wanted her to “get with the 20th century”.

ISIS refused to change, stating that “the 2000’s music is based off 90’s hip-hop. I’m not here to be like everyone else. I’m the epiphany that real music never left. This generation has fucked up music completely and I’m here to put it back on course. I am not here to be a one hit wonder. My legacy shall rain forever”

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