What is the Artist Budget Program ( ABP )?

     Do you think you have what it takes to be the next big conversation, but don’t have a budget to start? No problem, we can help you with that. The Artist Budget Program or ABP for short, is design to help even the lowest income artist master their craft. Our agents will still offer our management skills to help build a steady income while working on the foundation of your business as well. This helps our clients make a living while still following their dreams of making music.

     The ABP allows an agent to build a solid foundation beneath the artist career with all of the necessary legal work needed to start in the industry. By doing so, Blu Management Talent Agency creates jobs through each client under management. So, how is this possible you may ask? It’s simple really to accomplish this for our client‘s, it all starts with their ideas. This is what we consider the start of a strong foundation and better future. 


What service do I receive with this package?


Get An Agent

Get an agent specifically assigned to working with you and your needs. 


Foundation and Team Development

We will build our clients a company to establish independence within the entertainment industry. This consist of all necessary paperwork to become your very own record label and we offer team development as well. 


Let Us Handle The Stress

As your agency we will handle all bookings, phone calls, walk-ins, and more. This way the talent can always focus on one thing, being the artist!

How Much Does This Package Cost?

The ABP is available to most new clients for a low price of $250.00 / month and last for a total of 6 calendar months. Talk to an agent to find out more and how you can get started today!